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To choose the best gifts for men, you don't have to prepare for big expenses and go shopping for several weeks. The easiest way is to choose a worthy present for a loved one or friend if you know about his preferences and interests. When communicating with family members, we often speak out loud about our dreams, and the upcoming holiday will be a great occasion to bring closer the realization of our cherished dreams. The specific theme and value of the gift will depend on the particular holiday. For Birthdays and New Years’, it is usually customary to give expensive gifts, and for a professional holiday, you can choose a more modest gift option. It is also worth noting that it is best to take care of the choice of a gift in advance so that there is enough time to evaluate all the options and make the best decision. Some consider practical gifts to be the best, while for others a real gift must be exclusive and unexpected. Here are just some ideas for the best gifts for a man that have remained relevant for more than a year:

  • Electronic accessories
  • Things for outdoor activities and sports
  • Sets of elite alcohol
  • Entertainment gifts
  • Exclusive souvenirs with photo printing

If there is no opportunity to make such an expensive gift, then you can pick up interesting accessories for electronic devices that are more affordable and also check our following recommended gift ideas for man:

The only top 10 you need for finding the perfect gift for man

Ion Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable

For those friends who love all kinds of music, but in a more vintage format, the best option is this Ion brand turntable that works at three speeds. On the record player you can read the music from the vinyl so that it can be heard on its built-in speaker, and also on any device with Bluetooth you can reproduce it at high quality, something that characterizes this type of audio format. Many people still keep vinyl from yesteryear, and many prefer to listen to their favorite artists through this unmistakable ritual.

Apple smartwatch

The Apple is the ultimate buy to keep up with your active lifestyle, with a dual-core processor that keeps your apps running at blazing speeds. The Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch born also received a lot of welcome from consumers. This is an upgraded version of its predecessor Apple Series 4. In addition, the product also has the feature of calling for help, detecting falls, emitting an emergency signal, users track heart rate and calories accurately. So you will have the right exercise regimen every day.

Ultrasport electronic target

If our man likes sports and hobbies associated with technique and strategy, such as ping pong, billiards, or darts, he will love this latest generation electronic target. It has 38 different game possibilities with multiple variants, in which you can choose four levels of difficulty. It includes 12 colored darts and 100 interchangeable soft tips, in a very aesthetic target and at a good price.

Aklot soprano ukulele

Some people have a frustrated dream of having been good at playing an instrument, but they say they did not have the time or the gift to practice it and reach a good skill level. This beginner soprano ukulele is great for getting into the world of music in a simple and guided way, as it includes nine free online lessons. Without a doubt, a good option for an aspiring musician, whatever their age.

Stationary Spinning Bike

If your friend is an athlete or one of those who have picked up the habit of sports after confinement, this exercise bike for spinning is sure to drive him crazy. You will be able to train in a simple way and it will not take up excessive space thanks to its comfortable design, it is also very easy to move and thanks to the transport wheels that it has in the front. It has a 10 kg flywheel that will provide optimal resistance to get fit or improve your results.

Polaroid Originals 9015

If your man is one year old or another, this camera will take him back to his youth (and if not, the design of the photos is so powerful that they will look good anywhere). It has a standard and lags target. One for portraits and one for standard photos. It is available to connect with both Android and iOS.

SeeKool Pandora's 9D Classic Games Console

This can be one of the best gifts for friends in 2021. A true classic game machine but in which you can play from your home television at the highest resolution level (1280 × 720 Full HD). Its sound and gaming experience are also exceptional. It is compatible to play in pairs offering a real arcade experience. It also has a double eight-way joystick perfect for the more than 2700 games that it brings loaded. As for connectivity, say that it has HDMI output and VGA output. It incorporates its own speakers so that it is not necessary to use external playback devices.

Jaald leather bag

This leather bag to give to friends is an ideal complement to go to work or even for short trips. This bag is made with the best quality of goat leather and also its seams are made with waxed thread, its durability, and resistance is guaranteed. The bag has three compartments to store a laptop up to 15.6 inches and others to carry notebooks, organizers, chargers ... and two other interior pockets to keep objects in one place

Vmortal Camcorder

For technological parents who prefer to record their videos with a camera than with a mobile phone, this is a really interesting option to start or develop in this art. All your moments will be perfectly portrayed. It has a 2.7 ″ rotating LCD screen to see everything in detail. Your image resolution is 1080P Full HD (1920 × 1080). It can also be used as a webcam by connecting with the computer via a USB cable.


You will turn your man's mornings into unique moments while remembering you every time he makes a coffee. With the Bosch TASSIMO coffee machine, you can taste (and the whole family too), more than 40 hot drinks respecting their authentic taste. The flavor will not pass from one drink to another after each use. It is a compliment that should not be missing in any kitchen due to the ease, comfort, and speed of making coffee.

Underwater Wine + Free Virtual Tasting

This edition of Wine is a limited edition of 2,500 units so it will give your man a very special moment as a gift. It is a wine in which the sea provides its maximum evolutionary expression, making them great treasures of enology. The grape variety is Garnacha Blanca and its Crianza category is assured after four months on the lees and another six months of underwater storage. With the purchase of the bottle, the winery will also organize a virtual tasting for you in which to understand all the details of this authentic oenological wonder.

Echo Dot smart speaker

Amazon has proposed to be at the forefront of smart homes and, for this, it has developed its range of speakers that respond to our voice. The cheapest and simplest is the Echo Dot, a hands-free device, which works with Alexa. Similar in size and weight to the Google Home Mini (99 mm in diameter and 300 grams), this third-generation speaker sets alarms, plays music, tunes in the radio, or answers questions. Although it will benefit you especially if you live in a domotic house since it allows, for example, to turn off the television, dim the lights in the house or regulate the thermostat. As it is a probably shared gift, you can connect several Echo Dots that you have scattered around the different rooms and it will respond to your voice over long distances thanks to its four microphones.

Beard trimmer: Philips one blade

Now that the beard is so fashionable - no wonder considering the unpleasant almost daily shave for people with bushy beards or sensitive skin - the best gift you can buy your partner is a trimmer. The Philips One Blade is the best seller because, among other features, its technology integrates a fast-cutting blade (200 movements per second). With this light and comfortable use product, any hair can be shaped, cut, or shaved. For this, it includes four combs of 1, 2, 3, and 5 mm, a double-sided blade, and a normal blade. Precision and practicality stand out in the One Blade, with the addition of its resistance to water and its autonomy of one hour.

Camden Beard Grooming Kit

Many people are sure to know Camden Barbershop Company, a specialist in beard care. All populated facial hair needs its little fixes and what better gift than this kit. Contains a 50 ml container of oil, which hydrates hair and skin; a can of wax to polish and shape the beard; a walnut wood brush; and an engraved comb. This attractive package includes a jute canvas bag, ideal for storing the items listed above. Many people will wish they had a gift like this because every time the image is valued more. And the beard, if not well-groomed, can be associated with a disheveled person.

Blue Sky beer mugs

If the beer cooler does not convince you, with the two Blue Sky jugs, specially made to put in the freezer, the solution is a matter of minutes. The best thing about the product is that it keeps the cold for at least two consumptions. To brewing experts, drinking beer out of plastic containers will likely seem like an aberration. But in this case, it is more important that the drink conserves the optimum drinking temperature and the durability of the jug since it does not crack over time. It is worth having a few mugs of beer ready to share with the head of the family.

Turata electric corkscrew

We call the person in charge of the liquor service sommelier. Is your friend responsible for opening the bottle of wine and serving the drink on the table? Make it easy for them. The Turata electric corkscrew is a practical appliance that, in a matter of seconds, will open the much-desired bottle. In three practical steps - cut the paper from the neck of the bottle, insert the device vertically and press the lower and upper buttons - you will be able to serve the wine without the risk of splitting the cork or getting dirty. In addition to the aluminum foil cutter, it includes a vacuum cap to preserve when it comes to a precious spirit drink. It is charged via USB cable for eight hours, which will serve to open around 40 bottles.

JF Custom Wallet

After looking for original and emotional gifts, we have found this personalized wallet to give away on this special day. We loved it because, in addition to being a functional gift for daily use, it will also be a unique and personal memory unlike any other. JF has designed a wallet made of soft, elegant, and flexible fabric, with several compartments to store documentation, cards, or purchase receipts. But its exclusivity, obviously, does not reside there. What makes it so special is the ability to laser engrave any photo on the front and a personalized message on the back. Choose the color that you might like the most and personalize it to surprise you. He will remember you every time he takes it out of his pocket.

MONT BLANC PIX BLACK ballpoint pen

Another of the great gifts for friends, with which you will surely not fail, is with a good pen. An agreement, a contract, or a project always carries the signature of a good brand. Montblanc is on the desk of professionals from around the world and is synonymous with distinction. His PIX Black ballpoint pen is a writing instrument inspired by the German Bauhaus architectural movement. Its tank and cap are made of black resin and it is designed with platinum-plated details. This pen belongs to the lower range of the brand, so it is an article that can be adapted to a greater number of pockets. Although probably not all.

Moleskine Notebook

Another of the brands that triumphs with its stationery are Moleskine. Their smooth-cover notebook is one of the best-selling products because it brings elegance and style. They come in different sizes, cover colors, and types of paper. We have opted for his Classic Collection as a gift for friends: standard size 13 × 21 cm, sober black cover, and smooth ivory paper. Italians always set trends and with these types of items, suitable for any occasion, too.

GYMPAWS Gym Gloves

The best glove for lifting weights is not a glove for the redundancy‒, but a padded leather palm that protects the hand and prevents calluses from forming after weight or Crossfit session at the gym. GymPaws are practical and comfortable thanks to the neoprene material that keeps your fingers in place and prevents odor-causing sweat. It is a great gift for those who love to be in shape and go to play sports. They do not take up space in your bag and are available in various colors.


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